International Process Agency

We have the expertise and global reach to accept service of process and other legal documents for you everywhere you do business around the world.


  • Peace of mind that you’re prepared to do business around the globe
  • Access to local compliance expertise
  • A single point of contact to meet all your needs for cross-border transactions, agreements and closing requirements

CT can respond to your process agent needs, no matter what time zone

  • Service of process and other legal documents
  • Contracts, transaction documentation, ISDA agreements and structured finance documentation
  • Documents relating to actions begun in local courts
  • Notices under contracts where an independent party is needed
  • Notices on behalf of overseas companies with or without a locally registered branch

We support all types of international transactions

  • Credit Financing
  • Airplane Leasing and Financing
  • Capital Market Offering
  • Rule 144A
  • Regulation S Offering
  • Private Placements

CT will be your local agent to receive

  • Credit and Loan Agreements
  • Indentures
  • Intercreditor Agreements
  • ISDA Master Agreements
  • Import/Export Financing
  • Commitment Letters
  • Deposit Agreements
  • Franchise Agreements
  • Guarantees
  • Purchase Agreements
  • Security Agreements
  • Underwriting Agreements

What's Driving the Increased Global Complexity?

Time-intensive Coordination

Managing compliance relationships across multiple regions is costly and inefficient—not to mention risky.

Costly penalties

Missed deadlines, filings or payments can result in lost time and money, governmental penalties and bad public relations.

Unfamiliar territories

Standard requirements and activities become complex in foreign jurisdictions.


How can I find information on how to initiate foreign contracts or agreements?

We’ll supply the know-how for process agency appointments in key jurisdictions around the globe.

Why do I need a process agency?

Legal agreements in international jurisdictions typically require you to have a local agent to accept service of process and other legal documents.

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